19th May 2018 in Central Newcastle


An annual one-day conference, held by Virtual Assistants for Virtual Assistants. The event is aimed at current and future Virtual Assistants from across the UK and Ireland to allow an opportunity to network with other professionals, discuss important industry topics and share experiences.

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The VA Collaboration is a must-do event on the VA calendar as it connects aspiring and established VAs with one another. As brilliant as the training seminars are, the real value is meeting the other VAs and swapping stories or ways of doing things. Despite being in the business for over 10 years, every year I get take away actions from this event and thoroughly enjoy it. Plus, Angela said I’m allowed to wear my coat despite being an honorary Geordie for the day! 🙂

Caroline Wylie

Founder, Society of Virtual Assistants

This was my 1st ever time at a Virtual Assistant conference as well as my 1st time in the North East! Friendliness was amazing but the conference was also extremely well organised so I learnt lots and met lots of really inspiring VAs. Being a VA can be very isolating so this was a great opportunity to get out there and meet others in the same industry and most importantly to realise the importance of collaboration and helping each other out. I hope to return next year!


VA, VirtuAli Admin Solutions

I’ve attended the Northern VA Collaboration event twice now and really enjoyed each event. Speakers have been amazing and I’ve taken away lots of tips and advice from them all. The atmosphere is inviting and fun, I would recommend those attending to meet the night before for dinner also, it’s a great way to socialise and get to know people before the event. A must attend event for VAs in the NE specifically but great to attend from wherever you are !

Joanne Hawkins

Virtual Assistant, Executive VPA

Book for #VACollab18

for VAs by VAs - existing and aspiring! Buy a ticket here