with Caroline Wylieof Society of Virtual AssistantsBeing a VA is sometimes a balancing act between how you would like to be and what is practical.

For example: Ever answered the phone to a client whilst wearing PJs?

In an ideal world VA ethics would be black and white, but often VAs get backed into tricky situations simply because the world is full of shades of grey.


In this 45 minute session Caroline will guide you through the moral maze of being a VA with real life examples… An interactive session, so be prepared to join in!


Caroline has been a Virtual Assistant since 2004 and runs the Society of Virtual Assistants, the largest organisation for VAs in the UK with over 1,500 members, and features as a VA of the Year judge and UK representative of VACertified.com. With a background in music and advertising, she lives in Glasgow, with her husband Craig, their two young children and her crazy Burmese cat.

Her mantra remains “I must wear jeans to the office”.

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