The “feed-forward” forms that attendees complete always help us to make Northern VA Collaboration Event better and better as the years go by.

You can read past testimonials on our dedicated “past events page” but we’d like to share some of the heart warming feedback we got this year in this post along with other comments made, such as what people enjoyed most, what attendees enjoyed least (for transparency), workshops you’d like to see at future events  and what suggested improvements we could make next time. So here we go …


What did attendees of Northern VA Collaboration Event 2021 enjoy most?

Here’s the list copied directly from the forms:-

  • The people! Everyone was super-warm, friendly and very welcoming!
  • Seeing people face to face has been a complete joy. Meeting new VAs and listening to everyone’s stories.
  • Seeing everyone again and the sessions
  • Being with people
  • Seeing people face to face, and seeing/hearing whagt others are up to.
  • Meeting other VAs. I really enjoyed the impostor syndrome talk.
  • Enjoyed the wide variety of speakers.
  • Chocolate, meeting others, catching up.
  • Workshops, meeting & chatting with other people, “vegan lamb”
  • Meeting other VAS, Caroline’s presentation
  • Finding our what’s happening in the industry, meeting other VAs and finding out about their business

As you can see the most enjoyed part of teh day was actually meeting new people. given that we’ve been locked-down for the best part of the year, it’s no surprise. We did ensure everyone was safe though, with (vacollab branded) hand sanitiser, masks, and even covid tests available.

And as for the “vegan lamb” my lips are sealed on that one but it was one of the hilarious events of the informal dinner party we have the night before the event. If you’re coming to #vacollab2022, make sure you come to this too … it’s s much fun!!

What did the Virtual Assistants who attended VACOLLAB2021 enjoy least?

As the poet John Lydgate once said:

You can’t please all the people all the time

but looking at the feedback on 2021, we did a pretty good job!!

Here’s what people didn’t like and thankfully, all can be fixed and there’s nothing major:-

  • My shoes! (Not your fault, I enjoyed it all)
  • It ended too quickly, make it 2 days please
  • Nothing (apart from lack of profiteroles)
  • After lunch needs to be more active
  • Nothing!
  • Tea/coffee wasn’t very warm. I enjoyed all the event.
  • Nothing!

As you can see the eveng itself went down VERY well.

What suggestions did attendees have for future Northern VA Collaboration Events?

You always risk opening a can of worms when you ask what attendees what improvements they would make as everyonelooks at it through their own personal frame of reference, but it’s always good to have ideas so here are what suggestions for improvements we received:-

  • More games? Audience participation
  • Informal event/networking in Newcastle the afternoon before the event.
  • Make it 2 days!
  • FB or Skype group afterwards
  • More interactivity
  • A bit more airflow as room was quite hot at times
  • More chocolate pudding lol
  • More attendees by publicising more!
  • Practical workshops like the complete the marketing plan

All great suggestions, all of which we have taken on board.

Although, I can just hear rthe introverted VAS cringing at the mere mention of more interactivity and audience participation but not to fear we’re a friendly bunch and it’s all done in a warm and friendly environment.

We are looking att the option of a two-day event and even providing accomodation within the ticket price. obviously this will increase costs and as keeping tickets affordable is one of our main aims (it’s not a profit generating event) we’ll give this careful consideration. Your views would be appreciated.

As for the FB Group, we do have one but we’ve not actually invited anyone (lol) as we know how precious your time is and having yet another FB group to check into won’t be on your list of priorities. However, if you do wish to keep in touch with your fellow collabers feel free to join in here:

We can’t promise more chocolate pudding – we’re at the venue’s mercy on that one but we’ll try – we can promise that if you come to tehdinner the evning before you’ll get chance to meet up with everyone prior to the evnt. However, we understand that a lot of attendees live in the Newcastle area therefore travelling to and from the venue more than once, or purchasing accomodation for a 2 day event, may not be feasible (or cost-effective). As my mam used to say. “we’ll see …”.

What other discussions/workshops would Virtual Assistants like to see at future events?

We tend to get a lot of the same answers to this question year on year and we do listen but often a first time attendee may have missed the collab where we talked about the topic they want to hear about … so in the coming years these are the topics we’ll be covering. Want to be in? Make sure you have a ticket!!

  • Deep dive into social media management
  • Self Development
  • Video-making
  • What to look for in a good trainer
  • What to look for in a good trainer (no, not a mistake, this really was written twice by separate VAs)
  • Tech Demos
  • Branding
  • Top Tech for VAs
  • Systems/Tech taht can help support your bsuiness
  • Learning about traits and how best to match with clients.
  • Techniques to grow
  • Networking skills
  • More about apps/programmes etc to9 use in your business and with clients
  • Pricing
  • Specialisms

We’re on it ladies!! I say “ladies” because we’ve not yet had a man attend as a VA – as a speaker, yes, but not as a virtual assistant delegate – we’d love to welcome some!!

If you know anyone who can speak on any of the above topics – may be a client? – do pass on our details or let us know and we can make the approach.


Any other comments?

Lastly we ask attendees to leave “any other comments” and they didn’t disappoint. 

  • Thank you so much for having me! xx
  • A wonderful event which was well overdue and needed after a tough 16 months. Left me feeling confident and lifted again with plenty of new tricks and skills to take my business forward. I look forward to seeing you next year!
  • So enjoyed seeing everyone again and meeting new folks. Cannot wait for next time!!!
  • Can’t wait for next year!
  • I have really enjoyed the day as a first time attendee. I will definitely be coming back
  • Really enjoyed the event! It was my first event and I felt like I got a lot out of it.
  • Always great comms on the event, org and delivery on the day. xx
  • Really enjoyed my 1st one. Thanks for making me so welcome 🙂
  • As 1st VA conf, lovely to meet lots of fellow VAs

If you have attended a past Northern VA collaboration Event or are a hopeful future event attendee and have any comments to make leave them in the box below and we’ll take them on board but for now thanks for reading and don’t forget to put 17th September 2022 in your diary.