We might as well have written off 2019/2020 but chances are you’re well underway (or thinking about, at least) planning for 2021 – both in your personal life and your virtual assistant business.

A great year is well within your reach, but it won’t happen by accident. There are several things you can do, many of them daily, that will help to ensure that you have a year that brings a smile to your face.

Are you willing to put in the work to have a great year?


Here are some ideas to make that happen.

Try these strategies and have the best year of your life:

Drink more water.

You might think that drinking diet fizzy drinks and/or juices are just as good as any other beverage when it comes to hydration, but an increasing body of research suggests that it’s not. Artificially sweetened drinks especially can affect your appetite and alter the bacteria that live in your digestive tract, resulting in sub-optimum health and that all dreaded “brain fog”. Not good when you’re trying to run a successful VA business.

Create a list of goals.

Having a great year includes accomplishing a few things. We all know how awful it feels to reach the end of the year and regret all the wasted time. What do you want to do this year in your life and in your virtual assistant business? What do you need to accomplish to feel that you had a good year? Write it down and keep it somewhere you can see it. 

Get a pet.

At #VACOLLAB2020, Gwen extolled the virtues of having a pet for self care so if you have the time for a pet, it can be a great addition to your life. Many people like their pets more than they do other people! Admittedly, pets can be a lot of work, but they can add a lot to your life.

Spend less.

Financial issues are one of the most common stressors, particularly for business owners. One way to enhance your finances is to spend less. Take a look at your current spending habits (again, both within your personal and business life) and look for ways to reduce spending. You’ll sleep better without the stress of financial hardship AND have more money available for the things that matter.

Earn more.

Along with spending less, it would be great to earn more. And whilst money can’t buy happiness (so they say) it’s a hell of a lot easier to smile with £10,000 in your bank account than a balance of just £27.14. Think about increasing your virtual assistant rates, or redefining your charges (eg hourly, daily, project), or seeking part time employment if necessary.

Have a healthy breakfast each day.

A healthy breakfast leads to healthier food choices at lunch and dinner. And better nutritional intake = a better you. Don’t eat breakfast? Then make it a point to have a healthy lunch. You’ll feel better, and it’s easier to be happy when you feel good.


Clutter is insidious. It’s easy to rationalize that it doesn’t matter, but it does unequivocally (albeit subconsciously) weigh on your mind, taking up valuable thinking space. Eliminating the clutter from your life creates a sense of calm and peacefulness, making it easier to deal with other things life throws at you. Try decluttering a single room (preferably your VA office) and notice how good it feels to subsequently spend time in there.

Visit someplace new.

Explore the world a little bit.  (Although you may need to take into account any restrictions given the global pandemic at time of writing). You might discover you’re really missing out on some amazing things and places. And you don’t necessarily have to go far. The best hamburger on the planet might be a few small towns away from your home.

Start your day earlier.

Get a jump start on the day by getting up early, if you don’t already. It’s a peaceful time of day that lends itself to getting a lot done. You’ll have a great(er) year if you accomplish something each morning before your working day begins. Check out Hal Elroyd’s, Miracle Morning for some great advice on a productive morning routine.

Spend more time with others.

Apparently people of western culture spend less time with others than most other cultures. This may be a mistake. Spend more time with others this year and see how it impacts your year. (Again, current restrictions permitting!!)

If you regularly reach the end of the year and wonder where the time went, decide to make this year different. With a few tweaks, you can have a great year that doesn’t leave you filled with regret.

Decide what you want to accomplish this coming year and get busy. Watch your finances and remove the clutter from your life. Share your life with others. A great year is easier to accomplish than you think.

Join us in September to tell us how your year is going and get help where needed:-

Northern VA Collaboration Event 2022

hosted by Angela Dawson & Nicola Burt-Skinner

September 17th, 2022
Venue: Copthorne Hotel, Newcastle