People often ask why we called our event the Northern VA Collaboration and not the bog-standard Northern VA Conference. Well first off we’re not bog-standard so we definitely wanted something different and second, we don’t run a conference – certainly not a stuffy one.

Our event IS a collaboration.

It’s hosted by us – Nicola & Angela – but we get a lot of input from other virtual assistants such as Amanda and Gwen at Borderlands VA Network, and especially Caroline at Society of Virtual Assistants.

We never wanted our event to just be you in a room with someone talking AT you all day long. Similarly, whilst we would love to get a good number of Virtual Assistants in the room, it’s never been about getting bums on seats with no opportunity to get to know everyone. We like to keep it manageable, so you get chance to speak to everyone, including the speakers and sponsors. And there is absolutely NO selling to the room – no exhibitors, nothing. Just you and your fellow VAs, learning, laughing, and lunching.

So now you know how our name came about, we thought we’d look deeper into the origin of the names of the virtual assistants that attend Northern VA Collaboration.

AS a starter, we asked the question on our Facebook page 

and will share the replies here, as and when they come in – or you can let us know in the comments below.

Meaning of Attendees’ Names

In the meantime we can tell you that over the years we’ve had a multitude of Michelles, Carolines, Lynnes, and Fionas. So let’s look at what they mean …

We’ll start with ours – Nicola & Angela


Nicola is derived from the Greek word for victory  –  and if you’ve ever gone up against her in a quiz, you will know how fitting that is.


Although she is very angelic, Angela actually means messenger. SO it’s no surprise that our Angela is known for your clarity and perfection in delivering a fabulous collaboration


This is by far the most popular name of attendees over the years. It translates as “Who is like God” and the success and dizzying heights some of the Michelle-owned virtual businesses have achieved is enough to make us want to change our name. 🙂


Whilst the previous names have been translated from Greek, Caroline comes from the Latin for “free” or “beautiful woman” – and perfectly encapsulates the Carolines that grace us with their presence at Northern VA Collaboration.


Latinised Gaelic meaning fair (very apt for a VA)


Gaelic meaning waterfall, lake or pond or the shortened version of Lynda, which means pretty in Spanish.


Welsh in origin, meaning fair, white, blessed


Ah, how sweet is this – Amanda means loveable/worthy of love.

And we certainly love Amanda and every other attendee of Northern VA Collaboration event.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll see YOUR name on the attendee list this year, so if you’ve not yet got your ticket, now’s your chance.



Sponsors & Supporters

Sponsors & Supporters

Northern VA Collaboration Event has been blessed to have the support of some great companies and organisations over the years.



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