VAs become time management experts by applying the four D’s: Do, Delegate, Defer, and Drop.

By being aware of your schedule and doing what you need to do you can stay on track. VAs are able to meet time requirements by doing the things they need to do in the time allotted.

1. Do.

VAs do the tasks that they are able to do themselves. They are able to complete important tasks and keep priorities straight for each task. This helps them stay on track.

2. Delegate.

When they have an abundance of tasks, virtual assistants are able to ask for help from other capable people. By entrusting tasks to others, VAs are able to maintain their time management effectively. Delegating tasks is a positive solution that helps you stay calm and focused.

3. Defer.

You are able to re-arrange your schedule for certain tasks to make sure everything that needs to get done actually does. Tasks that can be put off for another day do not concern VAs today. You can set them aside and make sure the more important tasks are completed first.

4. Drop.

There are some tasks that do not need to be done at all. As a VA you should be able to look at these and let them go to make way for the more important tasks.

These are all methods you can use to maintain your diary/daily work schedule and successfully manage my time.

Repeat after me: “Today I choose to make use of my time management skills.”

– Do the tasks that you are able to do.
– Delegate tasks to others in order to maintain your timetable.
– Defer tasks to a different time and;
– Drop tasks that do not need to be done.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I done the tasks that I need to do?

2. What tasks can I let someone else do?

3. What tasks can wait or be dropped altogether?

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