Speakers for Northern VA Collaboration are hand picked by the organisers to address the issues directly facing virtual assistants.

We know, or have seen, the presenters personally and are confident that they deliver what we need.

VACollab21 Speakers

Beverly Sherratt

Director, Launchpad Associates

When your inner critic kicks in you start to feel like a fraud and an impostor.

This keynote will enable you to identify where your inner critic comes from and the messages it gives you, preventing you from reaching your full potential.

Then find out how to silence your inner critic by showing it your strengths and successes.

Caroline Wylie

VA & Founder of Society of Virtual Assistants

 Chocolate Bar Marketing: What kind of chocolate bar are you?

Caroline Wylie, former Mars Confectionary adgirl (and self-confessed chocoholic), shares the theory behind advertising positioning and why the marketing of your virtual assistant business needs to be clear and consistent.


Gwen Backhouse

Award Winning Virtual Assistant

Burnout can creep up and hit you when you’re not looking. So, what can we do to avoid burnout, and how can we ensure we are working in a way that looks after our mental and physical wellbeing, whilst still working effectively?

Gwen will help us combat the lonliness of working alone & our general well-being focussing on mental health and the importance of VA events like Northern VA Collaboration.

Amanda Ryan

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Although you may have heard of and even use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. You may not fully understand how to utilise them to grow your business. 

That’s where Amanda can help with her presentation on “Posting with Purpose: Selling yourself with heart, not hustle”

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